The Unnamed Storm of 1926

Sissy liked to draw pictures, flip the pages

for homemade movies.

The night of the hurricane, Little Bit screamed

her shoulders into the world. The eye’s eclipse found

Sissy mothering, emptying pots and pans of hurricane.

Gators dug into the swamps, snapped at wind, and burrowed

sunken logs. Only the ibis and Sissy kept watch as waters

rushed the stoop, then cut an island out of the homestead.

Daddy was gone. He paddled streets to see the remnants

of Moore Haven; someone else’s destruction. His exits

always involved broken containers and bitter waters.

The storm passed and the water receded. Most nights

Sissy watched her movies in the shack on the bend

of the Okeechobee. Viewed the same picture again and again,

the same raging storm.

From The Sister Series-2008

Pudding House Chapbook Series

Carol Parris Krauss